• Blue Hair Color Wax

Blue Hair Color Wax

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Temporary hair color wax that washes off in a single shower. 

Our Blue Hair Wax is a unique shade of blue that complements all types of hair for parties, cosplay, or casual outings.



Here are a few photos shared by our customers using the Blue hair wax:

Crazy hair day is easy when you have our blue color wax

Smurf it up with the blue hair wax

She's used blue hair color wax on her next-level curls 

Go all-over blue color on wavy hair

Section your hair and apply the blue hair wax to make a dapper look

These blue curls are absolutely popping and look fantastic in the sunlight

This semi-light blue shade is one of our most popular stand-alone colors.

All our colors are made with natural ingredients, and work on all types of hair.


We recommend using the blue hair color wax on its lonesome. But you could try the following pairings:

1. Pink Hair Wax works wonders with the blue color when applied alternatively in streaks.

2. Green Hair Wax can be used with our blue color if you have an all-over blue with colored green ends.

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