Wholesale Special Offers

We're looking to expand our reach and spread new color stories all across the United States.


With our vibrant range of temporary hair colors that can be easily washed off, give your customers the Common Panda® color effect so they can visualize how they will look with a particular color. Then you can upsell with permanent hair color services based on the color they like the best.


Stock in the hottest temporary hair color wax in town that's gotten rave reviews across the board. Our color wax is manufactured with a unique edge over our competitors. Smells great, washes away easily, and gives a day-long color effect without rubbing off on clothes or couches.


If you're interested in ordering wholesale from us to stock in your shop, salon, or supermarket - please fill the form below 👇 and we'll send you all the details.

We can't wait to partner up with you!

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Common Panda®