Style Book

Common Panda hair color wax opens up a world of styles - whether you're sporting that new hair color at home, outdoors, at a party, or Halloween.

We've curated some of the best styles that our customers have worn over the years - take a look below and inspire yourself for your next hair color style.

COLORED CURLS: Common Panda works really well on afro hair and even pops your curls

COLORED BRAIDS: This style was created by one of our fav customers - using purple and pink

UNICORN LOOK: Combine all the colors in streaks to make this fantastic hair style

COLORED PETS: Who said only humans used Common Panda? Cuteness Level = Infinity

JERSEY MATCH: Show some next-level support to your favorite team

COLORED WAVES: Yes, you can use a curler or straightener after applying our hair color wax.

COLORED ALL OVER: From roots to tips, truly commit to that one color for a day (or two)

COLORED MOHAWK: Since this is a "Wax", the mohawk is the easiest style - and pretty great :)

COLORED HIGHLIGHTS: Section your hair and use a single color to stand out


CRAZY HAIR YAY: Style it like its no one's business - go wild!

DOS COLORES: Partition your hair in two - and go all over on each side

COLORED STREAKS: Alternating color streaks in thin sections


MERMAID LOOK: A mix of colors and then curled up to perfection


COLORED ENDS: An easy way to test the color effect on your hair

BABY'S COLORED OUT: Just a little fun, cause why not

COLORED BEARD: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do 

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