• Pink Hair Color Wax

Pink Hair Color Wax

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Temporary hair color wax that washes off in a single shower. 

Our Pink Hair Wax goes well with lighter shades of hair (blonde or bleached) - although people with dark hair can also sport this shade albeit the output will be muted.



Here are a few photos shared by our customers using the Pink hair wax:

She's used multiple colors, and yet pink stands out

She's managed to build out some pink waves in her hair

She mostly used pink and purple hair wax and then braided her hair

This pink mohawk created with our wax looks absolutely adorable on the baby

This glittery baby pink shade is an absolute must to get the unicorn look.

All our colors are made with natural ingredients, and work on all types of hair.


While the pink hair color wax can be used standalone, if you're planning to mix and match some colors - then we recommend the following pairing:

1. Purple Hair Wax works well with pink when you're doing streaks of color. Alternate between these two colors to make your look stand out.

2. Green Hair Wax can be used with pink if you have curls or wavy hair. Works best on lighter hair tones.

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