• Green Hair Color Wax

Green Hair Color Wax

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Temporary hair color wax that washes off in a single shower. 

Our Green Hair Wax is a niche favorite among boys, but girls can also combine green streaks with our pink and purple colors to get a unicorn look. 


Here are a few photos shared by our customers using the Green hair wax:

He's green all over for the halloween look with a green mohawk

The green highlights really stand out and help complete this mermaid look

Who said men couldn't color their beards green?

There's something about this anime look that's just the vibe!

Our green hair wax is a must have to complete your hair color wax collection.

All our colors are made with natural ingredients, and work on all types of hair.


While the green hair color wax can be used solo in mohawks and colored ends, if you're planning to mix some colors - then we recommend the following pairing:

1. Purple Hair Wax works well with green when you're doing streaks of color. Go duos with purple and green highlights to create a fantastic color effect.

2. Pink Hair Wax can be used with green and purple if you want to try the unicorn look. Works better on lighter hair tones.


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